Unique and handmade alpaca products in Peru

FINA-ALPACA works with the finest alpaca fibers which are used to make our products made entirely by hand.

We have numerous certifications that guarantee our quality and work philosophy. We started our activities in 2003, for which we have more than 18 years of experience in the market. We start from a solid foundation and with a team of artisans who are part of our family to this day. With high quality products, we have been able to reciprocate the high responsibility of having the gold of the Incas in our hands to offer it to the whole world.



FINA ALPACA has the fair trade certification that facilitates direct access to the market under fair and equitable conditions, creating a sustainable, supportive and quality marketing channel.


FINA ALPACA has the quality management ISO, which consists of demonstrating and increasing the ability to offer products and services that meet customer requirements and comply with current legislation in its environment.


FINA ALPACA has the ISO for environmental risk management which helps manage and identify environmental risks that may occur internally in the company while it carries out its activity.

GRI Global Reporting Initiative

It is an international non-governmental organization that aims to promote sustainability reports as a tool for planning, measuring, evaluating and communicating progress and impacts on social, economic and environmental aspects of the organization.


There are many amazing natural fibers in the world, but none like alpaca fur.


Alpaca fur retains heat and at the same time traps air, keeping the wearer warm even in the most difficult circumstances. This heat retention trait is caused by the alpaca's fiber, which contains microscopic air pockets. The insulating aspect of alpaca fur is caused by these air pockets. In addition, the air pockets make it a highly breathable trait, it deteriorates much less than other leathers and is used in high temperatures.


The lightweight nature and natural fluff of alpaca fur results in easier handling of alpaca fiber during processing, shipping, and use in daily life. Microscopic air pockets in the fibers reduce overall weight, making alpaca fur as light as a feather. Alpaca fibers are only 1/3 the weight of fur, making them the ideal durable resource for our alpaca scarves and blankets.


Although alpaca fiber is fine, light, soft and gives alpacas their incredibly cute appearance, they are one of the toughest animals out there. Their thick coat of alpaca fur allows them to thrive in the harsh Andean winters. Withstanding these extreme climates over the millennia has resulted in it being extremely durable and easily outperforming other luxury fibers.


Alpaca skin does not cause allergies because, unlike other skins, it does not contain lanolin (a wax that is highly absorbed by the skin and is present in sheep animals). Although lanolin is used in many cosmetics, it is not recommended for delicate and sensitive skin. Thanks to this characteristic, this type of skin is very shiny because it is a very “clean” skin.

Alpaca leather is not affected by fungi and other microorganisms that can irritate our skin and deteriorate garments.

Low maintenance

Alpaca yarns are designed to be water resistant, which also increases stain resistance while maintaining a healthy natural shine. The combination of these characteristics together with the fact that alpaca fibers do not tangle or pill, results in a 'surefire' recipe for an alpaca toy that lasts for decades.

For a complete step-by-step guide, visit the maintenance section in learn about .



  • 100% Quality
  • International Certifications ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and FAIR TRADE
  • Unique Products – Handmade and carefully selected
  • Fluffiness = Happiness
  • 100% happy customer guarantee
  • environmental friendly

100% Quality

At FINA ALPACA we work with the highest quality alpaca fur available to process into our products. Ensuring that each FINA ALAPCA product is handcrafted by local artisans and finished, cleaned and packaged with the care that we ourselves would like to receive as well.

International Certifications ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and Fair Trade

We are proud to have certifications that promote good practices, the management system and economic, environmental and social sustainability.

Unique Products – Handmade and carefully selected.

All of our products are uniquely designed and carefully processed by our craftsmen. Always innovating, we strive to keep our collection exclusive and unmatched in quality. Our alpaca toy is the fluffiest and cuddliest ever, and will continue to be the best alpaca product available on the market.

Fluffiness gives Happiness.

Running your fingers through the fluffy alpaca fur leaves almost everyone in awe, unable to resist touching the alpaca cuddly toys. Alpacas make you forget the world around you. We work hard to see the smiles when you feel our products!

100% HAPPY customer guarantee!

Be part of our exclusive clients, you will learn many magical stories about our products, from determined people who have the same goal: to share the joy that their alpaca gives them! Experience the joyful spark that FINA ALPACA could add to your life.

Environmental friendly.

At FINA ALPACA we put Fair Trade into practice, prioritizing human beings and the social, economic and environmental sustainability of societies; dignifying work, respecting the environment and promoting responsible and sustainable management of natural resources

Remember: Recycle, use fewer bags, save energy, take care of and plant trees.

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