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From enthusiastic, positive and motivating retailers to sell our products. If your store is a place that people immediately think of when looking for something fun, cute, premium quality and made from natural raw materials, apply using the form below to join our wholesale team!

We offer:

Leather and alpaca fiber garments and articles of the highest quality, which will delight people of all shapes, ages and cultures. An eye-catcher that will definitely attract a lot of attention and happy smiles, because of our high levels of trust and credibility, offering you 100% quality products.

Write us at info@fina-alpaca.com , sales@fina-alpaca.com , marcomalaga@fina-alpaca.com and tell us:

- What kind of store/business do you have?

- What city and country are you in?

- How would you sell our products?

- Why do you think we would be a great match together?

- What would be your ideal order?

We are happy to meet you!!


*Please allow up to 2 business days to review your request.

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