Our Logistics Manager will ensure that all of our orders receive priority shipment within 5 to 12 days of ordering.

Our shipping network is connected to all countries, with the exception of those countries that are currently in social conflict. The country with priority shipping that we are handling for now is only the US, but our rates will be considered for shipments in general.

Your package can be tracked through a code that will be provided at the time of shipment.

Find here our rates….





We always strive to make your experience with us as comfortable and satisfying as possible, offering you quality products. In case of any inconvenience, we accept return or exchange within 30 days of receiving your order, products must be clean and undamaged for a full refund.

The shipping costs that occur when returning the product to us are borne by the customer.

Follow the steps below for a quick return or exchange.


Please contact our support team and indicate your order number, full name and reason for return. After confirmation from Support, add this information to the package and send the returned product with sufficient postage to the following address:


Prol San Martin Zone B Mza. 13 Lot. 7 AH Semi Rural Pachacutec - Cerro Colorado


+51 959 504 440-+51 950 658 998


Return the item to our warehouse and request a shipping confirmation. Allow both parties to track the shipment online with a tracking and tracing code. When problems occur with the shipment, please contact your local postal service and our support team.

Products must be in a new and unused/unworn condition in the original packaging with original labeling . Ultimately, we reserve the right to refuse a return or refund if the products are deemed to have been negligently used or damaged.


Upon receipt of the return package in good condition and passing our quality control, we will refund the full purchase price of the returned goods. Please allow at least two weeks to process your return and refund.





Alpaca toys are very easy to maintain and stay beautiful with minimal effort. All you need is a FINA ALPACA maintenance brush, some talcum powder and some good old spirit, because your alpaca will be completely reborn after these simple steps!

Watch our next video that will guide you step by step on how to properly clean your FINA ALPACA alpaca toy. Enjoy the video and be sure to read the text below for some detailed tips and tricks.


One step at a time

  • Rinse your alpaca toy very lightly under hot water. Refrain from using detergent that is not specifically made for wool or alpaca wool, let's avoid unnecessary damage to your alpaca later on.
  • Let your alpaca dry naturally.
  • Comb from time to time to speed up the drying process. Hold her neck firmly to avoid mistreating her.
  • Repeat steps 2-3 until your alpaca is completely dry.
  • Sprinkle on some organic baby powder, shake well for a fresh scent, and give your FINA ALPACA toy a big hug!



  • Always treat your alpaca with great care and love.
  • Don't get your alpaca wet
  • Never use non-wool-based detergent or soap.
  • Use the FINA ALPACA maintenance brush to comb the fibers in multiple directions; always away from the face.
  • Shake often for maximum fluff!
  • Use sharp scissors to cut random strands of fleece.
  • Add a dash of organic baby powder for that fresh, soothing scent.






Our limited edition alpaca toys are the answer! Cuddly toys of different animals with unique colors that you will find only a few times and will absolutely surprise you.

At Fina Alpaca we transform a dangerously cute and cuddly animal, combining each limited color!

What is the limited edition offer?

A unique opportunity for all fans to get one of our amazing limited edition alpaca toys!







Do you ship abroad?

Yes, we ship worldwide. Shipping costs will apply and will be added at checkout. We carry out discounts and promotions, so keep an eye out for exclusive offers.


How long will it take to receive my order?

Domestic orders will take 3 business days to reach customers. Overseas deliveries can take between 5-12 business days


What shipping methods do you offer?

FINA ALPACA mainly uses shipments to all countries, with the exception of those countries that are currently in social conflict. After passing through the local customs, the package will be taken over by the dominant national carrier.

The company in which we make our shipments is DHL.

In case you have any queries for specific rates and requests, please contact, or send us a message on the site.




How do I track my order?

Track your package live with the unique tracking link and tracking page you received in your email.

My package hasn't moved in several days

Packages arrive at airports along with thousands of other packages, they must pass through local customs before continuing their journey.

The logistics centers currently have new security measures due to the changing global situation, they may cause a delay.

Remember that packages receive an arrival scan, and these procedures may cause the package to be moving slower.




What are the guidelines for returns?

FINA ALPACA products can be returned, clean and undamaged, if received within 30 days of receiving your order. Delays may occur due to changing international situations and will not be part of these 30 days.

For a step-by-step guide on how to return or exchange your order, please visit our Warranty & Returns page.

Does FINA ALPACA cover all return costs?

We always strive to make your experience with us as comfortable and satisfying as possible. If this is not the case, we accept returns or exchanges within the stated date, products must be clean and undamaged for a full refund.

The shipping costs that occur when returning the product to us are borne by the customer. Contact Support for help regarding a return.

How can I exchange a product?

When exchanging your alpaca product for a different size, color or something completely different, FINA ALPACA covers the payment of the new shipment.

Please note: the costs arising from the return of the product are borne by the customer.

Follow the step-by-step guide on how to exchange an item or contact our Support directly.




My product is damaged, now what?

Contact our customer service by sending an email to or , indicating your order number, full name and explanation of the error. Add images to the message for a faster solution!


How do I clean my alpaca toy?

Alpaca toys and products are delicate products and must be treated with care. FINA ALPACA advises you to use only a small amount of hot water to clean the fibers of the alpaca toy.

We have created an entire page specifically for you, focusing specifically on alpaca keeping. Check out Alpaca Maintenance for a detailed video and step-by-step guide on how to clean your alpaca!

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